Cars reviews 2013 2014

Cars reviews 2013 2014

Release date, spec, performance, price and review

2014 Kia Carens

2014 Kia Carens

Layout revolution that has actually entirely changed the photo of the firm and make certain that it achieved a year-on-year sales record has lastly come cycle to the company’s launch of a new Kia Rio models Seventh Generation. Kia is under President and CEO Peter Schreyer featured replacing the entire array of brand-new vehicles, which are desirable because of their style and high quality as well as worth and comfort for much less compared to 5 years. In the very same period, the business revealed and impressive versions such as the Heart and Venga.

In between now and the former New other Kia Carens, the difference resembles heaven and earth! Starting from the design, to the general quality, roadway good manners and innovation utilized. It would certainly show up that Koreans missed a generation, the amount of progress has actually been made.

When we state the Kia, a lot of dealt with to the typical vehicle driver will certainly say that it is an Oriental maker, the surge, with a document of 7 years warranty. However if I ask you to inform me something a lot more concerning the Micra, it is almost particular that most of the shrug, the design – something I’m not in the loop! Oh, and this version is not really commemorated in the “Vintage”, partly because of unattractive layout and relatively old innovation, but for that to a big extent liable and much more modern European agents. New consequently started from scratch, taking greatly the style of the present Cee ‘d.

Kia Carens interior

However as opposed to the common style for this section, Carens use a raised station wagon with a minimizing glass surfaces, in order to attain the visual dynamism. Its height is restricted by a 1.6 m, the same as an inch smaller sized brother, the city Venga minivan. Even when it comes to length, Carens did not saw their rivals, which frequently already existing in two body shapes (brief and long).

Provided a single, the concession of 4.52 meters, which does not avoid him providing to 7 locations. The conclusion that could be attracted: although not orginalan, general kind and proportion, kindlying on examination! According to some discreet stylish appearance, while the various other banal traditional. Regardless, the quicker it will certainly appeal to those interested in a multi-purpose wagon, like a Peugeot 308 SW, yet the supporters of “real” vans, Citroen C-type 4 Picasso and Renault Scenic.

Kia carens
A well-equipped

Neither interior Combi Vanovski not typical, although its modularity at a similar degree. Only slightly raised position, with 2 vertical control and highly likely windscreen. It is not discourteous, actually, only the visibility of the page can be enhanced. Also “meaty” A poles of two parts, though in between a home window, block pedestrians and bikers. The form and style of the command table we suched as, but designed on the outside, does not bring absolutely nothing new to the section.

Ased opposed to this Kia, the brand-new Citroen Picasso, an actual spaceship! Therefore, classic flourishes, with analog tools put where we are utilized to seeing them. None of the main collection of statistical, such as in vogue, this place right here is planned to boost the color show. Be commended for the top quality of materials (natural leather guiding wheel and shift knob, amounts to that of the Audi) and superb completing, much less the amount of buttons on the steering wheel and around it.

If absolutely nothing else, at the very least the papers abundant devices, additionally, incredibly rich! Aside from the currently traditional aspects of comfort (cooling with dual-zone, GPS, hookups for the media …), we have to point out sensors front and back park aid (with cam, please), and the soft leather on the seats, cooled and aired. Well, if you have actually see.n this even on the front, the rear is a little less common.

Kia Carens 2014

In the second row we find three independent seats (middle of the rope a few inches), without muguńánosti be removed from the vehicle. Sets the slope to them, but the “kids” complaining that they do not see God only knows what the window. Except as set low, the culprit to be found in a small glass surfaces and high sides of vehicles. Placed on slides, to ensure as much space in the third row, although this bearable for children of lower ages. In fact, except for the knees, space is limited and the head, all because of the low height of the vehicle.

But as usual, are neatly arranged in the trunk, and are drawn in a single movement. If you are wondering what to do then to increase the roll that it covers any easier, and it is envisaged, the double in the bottom of the trunk. Unfortunately, this volume, in the configuration with 7 seats, has been reduced to one hundred gallons or 492 l, when lowered. Otherwise, they are always extra (in France 500 euros), and which are not necessary, it is best removed as it is deeper then the trunk (536 l). Even then, it is considerably inferior to say Grand Scenic (645 l) or VW Touran (695 l). By folding front passenger seat, it is possible to transport objects up to 2.7 in length.

Humble offering aggregates

With only one gas block GDi/135 1.6 hp and 1.7 CRDi diesel from 115 to 136 hp, Carens is inferiornijoj position compared to the competition. For this occasion, he was elected a more powerful diesel, we would measure the 1.600 kg heavy vehicle. This engine is known to us from the Optima, characterized by the cultured and gentle character. To some 1,500 r / min, are not even respond to throttle control. After that convincing, but his turbo never delivers torque brutal. Ideal for family use, and not for the sports-minded head of the family!

new Kia Carens 2014

After all, the Kee is set for comfort, even though it’s nothing serious can switch in terms of behavior on the road, he prefers “cool” guide. That will be less appetite, because with about 7 people on average, not a champion in the segment. This is a real fact, that has nothing to do with the declared default 4.8 l, neostarivij even in ideal conditions. So count on at least 5.5 l, or up to 9-10 l in city driving, despite serial Stop & Start system. And when we have already mentioned urban environment, it is useful to say that the power assistance is extremely strong, it is possible to turn the steering wheel in place with one finger.

This provided the Comfort mode is selected, since there are three levels of assistance (Normal and Sport). The last is the most optimal, but even then not so good “dialogue” with the ground, as some competitors. On the contrary, the gear lever we really liked, easily and quickly slip into the desired position, where it remains perfectly “locked”. A weaker version of 115 hp and 260 Nm of torque, probably correctly fills “homework”, but as a modest difference in price (600 euros in France), it is worthwhile to pay extra for a more powerful.

Which brings us to the price, unfortunately, still unknown in our market. In France, where he completed a test drive, it ranges between 21,600 for the 1.6 GDi, up to 29,700 euros. Realistically, it is cheaper by 7-10% discount that will help other Kia dealers approved after only a few minutes of negotiations.

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